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*Example Page* Sickness Certificates
*Example Page* Sickness Certificates

*Example Page*

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Sickness Certificates

From the 6th April the traditional “Sick Note” has been be replaced with a “Fit Note”.

Fit Notes are hoped to help you return to work sooner by providing more information about the effects of your illness or injury. Your GP will be able to say if they think that you are “not fit for work” or if you “may be fit for work”.  Your GP can advise your employer on simple changes to the job you do which may allow you to return to work earlier.

Simple changes may include:
  • Temporarily working different hours
  • Doing different duties or tasks
  • Or having additional support

We would like you to be open when talking to your GP about your illness and how it will affect the work you do, so that they can give you the right advice to help your recovery.

Research has shown that long periods of absence from work can lead to worse health, and that working can actually be good for your physical and mental health and well being.

You do not require a Doctor's certificate for any illness lasting 6 days or less. Your employer may, however, require you to complete a self-certification form SC1 that is available from your employer. If your employer insists that you obtain a doctor's certificate for illnesses lasting 6 days or less then the NHS does not cover this service and a charge will be made.