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*Example Page* History of our practice
*Example Page* History of our practice

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History of our practice

Meddygfa Taf has been a Training Practice for over 25 years, and in addition to Postgraduate GP Training, is also involved with Undergraduate teaching. The practice also is involved in the training of Post VTS GP Graduates under the Postgraduate Assisstants Scheme and Clinical Fellowship Schemes running in Wales.

The practice is totally committed to education and training, and takes great pride in creating an environment which fosters this, which can be tailored to individual needs. 

There are 2 GP Trainers in the practice and this means that at any one time we will have up to 2 GP Registrars in training with us. Registrars are fully qualified doctors who are undergoing training to become GPs. During their time with the practice a major part of their training is understanding consultation techniques. This means that, with the consent of the individual patient, there will be video recording of patient consultations in order to discuss their style and any issues with their GP trainer. Patients who consent to have their consultation recorded can be assured that their confidentiality will be assured and that the recording will be stored in a secure, confidential area.

Also through Cardiff and Swansea Medical Schools, we train year 5 Medical Students. These students are, like the GP Registrars are fully mentored and supported by our GP trainers.